LAI Articles

Advanced Crash Management Structures by Use of Hot-Stamped Laser Welded Blanks


Custom Cooling Stage to Eliminate Thermal Expansion of Spindle During Micro-Laser Machining


Efficient and Non-Disruptive Laser Beam Monitoring System for Industrial Laser Processing


Extreme Laser Processing Technologies


Femtosecond Laser Scribing of Thin Film Materials for Photovoltaic Applications


First Study on Micro-Laser Assisted Scratch Test of ZNSE


Flexible and Efficient Blanking with Lasers


Laser Blanking Addresses Today’s Challenges


Laser Surface Cleaning for Joining Preparation in Lightweight Production


Laser Welding of Copper and Aluminum Using IR Fiber Lasers

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Laser-Assisted Composite Consolidation and Curing


Miniaturized Fatigue Sensor and its Application


Tailor Solution – Material Mix for Light Weight Construction


The Enhanced Ductility and Reduced Brittleness from Micro-Laser Assisted Machining

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