Laser Applications International

Laser Applications International is a magazine devoted exclusively to the needs of the engineering and manufacturing community. It provides the most current, practical information available on the lasers that are revolutionizing manufacturing methods and how they can be best put to use. It serves a potentially vast community by having:

  • A clear purpose: To be the practical information tool for product, manufacturing engineers and managers, whether in machine tools, in Fabrication, in aerospace or utilities, in automotive, in medical, micro-electronics or telecommunications.
  • A specific focus: On how lasers can be put to practical use in improving quality, cutting costs and stimulating innovation.
  • A comprehensive scope: With a view that includes both local and global perspectives

Volume 18 Number 3

Spring/Summer 2022


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  • High-efficiency laser cutting of stainless steel
    • Charles Caristan – Air Liquide


  • Advantage of Hybrid Laser Technology
    • Brandon Reinhold – Comau
  • Diode Laser Applications in BIW
    • Wolfgang Todt, Oleg Raykis – Laserline
  • Highly Productive 3D Laser Processing and Assembly of Closures
    • Markus Remm – JENOPTIK
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing Case Studies
    • Frank Geyer – TRUMPF

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