Body & Assembly Articles

2014 Cadillac CTS Aluminum Door-in-White Structure


A New Surface Treatment Process That Enables High Aluminum Content for Lightweight Vehicle Design


Acrostik Patch Laminates for BIW NVH Applications


Chevrolet Volt Upper Structure Development


Composite and Multi-Material Joints in Body Applications – 2016


Crash Ductility and Numerical Modeling of USIBOR®1500 Fracture Behavior 2016


Design and Manufacturing Strategies to Eliminate Visible Adhesive- Induced Surface Distortions in Bonded Automotive Class “A” Assemblies


Direct Laser Interference Systems for the Surface Functionalization of Powertrain Components


Electro-Magnetic Blank Restrainer (EMBR) System with Outer Body Panels: Forming of Chrysler’s Lift Gate Outer


Extreme Laser Processing Technologies


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Friction Spot Welding of Similar Aluminum Alloys – 2016


Genius HWI IQR – A State-of-the-Art Inverter Power Supply with Adaptive Regulation System to Assure the Quality of Resistance Spot Welding


Hydroform Intensive Body Structure w/ Advanced High Strength Steels (Phase II)


Improving Mechanical Joining by Increasing Tool Velocity


Influence of Tempering Temperature on Fatigue and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Steel


Innovative Joining Solutions with Laser Seam Stepper and Fiber Laser


Innovative Joining Technologies for Metallic Multi-Material Design – 2016


Investigation of Hole-Edge Cracking in Trip 780 Using the Structural Component Bend Test


Latest Advances in Laser Cutting of Hotformed Automotive Component


Modeling of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Crash Safety


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Modeling Undermatched Weld Fracture for Automotive Applications – 2016


New Arc-Spot Joining Process for Dissimilar/Similar Metal Joints of Aluminum and High-Strength Steel Sheets


New Toughened Body Shop Adhesives – 2016


Remote Laser Welding in Automotive Production


Resistance Spot Welding of Complex Stack-Ups Using Electric Servo-Guns


Sheet Hydroforming of Aluminum Body Panels


Signal Analysis of Dynamic Abuse Curb Impact Tests


Simulation of Innovative Assembly Processes – 2016


Stamping Assessment of Various 980 and 1180 MPa Steel Grades


Static & Glass Sealing Cold Temperature Performance


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Structural Optimization Methods and Techniques to Design Efficient Car Bodies


Technology Trends and Regulations Driving Reduction in Vehicular Emissions


Terocore® Structural Inserts Help Achieve New Roof Strength Targets


The Practical Spot Weld Fracture Criterion Using Hybrid Method – 2016


Understanding the Challenges and Uses of the 3rd Generation of Advanced High Strength Steels


Virtual Prototyping with Hot Forming

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