Body and Assembly Lectures

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2019 Chevrolet Silverado Closures Review

3D Roll Forming Center for Rapid Prototyping of Automotive Parts

Adhesive Bonding of High Strength Steel

Catalyst-Based Emission Control: What Does the Future Hold?

Composite and Multi-Material Joints in Body Application – 2016

Crash-Induced Loads in Liftgate Latching Systems

Design Analysis of Hood and Fender Structure for Improving Pedestrian Protection Head Impact Score

Flange Length Optimization – Application & Case Studies Using Resistance Projection Welding of Closures

Next Generation of Structural Body Shop Adhesives

Pre-Strain Effect on Sheared Edge Cracking Limits of Aluminum Sheets – 2016

Recent Developments in Friction Stir Welding

The Future of Diesel: Evidence from a High-Volume Passenger Car Rental-World Test Program in Europe


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