Putting it all together at IABC 2024

Editorial – Winter/Spring 2024, Body and Assembly Magazine

The body of a vehicle is what dominates our observations and, notwithstanding other attributes, plays a vital role in purchasing decisions. Whatever other factors, such electrifications, autonomous, luggage space or other consumer features, may be involved, we invariably sense whether we find the body design appealing or not.

While the marketing and design departments debate how best to make that appeal, the manufacturing and assembly engineers try to determine if the ideas generated by their colleagues can be turned into technically feasible and economically viable products. This is merely stating the obvious. The additional challenge is to synthesize the activities of individual engineers in a way that results in a harmonious whole.

The International Automotive Body Congress (IABC) was launched some years ago to provide an annual opportunity for any involved with the automotive body to come together to learn and share the latest developments, to hear from and network with the experts, and to touch and handle the results of the latest technologies. Whatever one’s individual “piece” of the automotive body, this is an exciting opportunity to “put it all together” and see how the future is being shaped.

IABC 2024 will be on October 9-10, 2024, at Laurel Manor, Livonia, Michigan. Livonia is about 12 miles from Metropolitan Airport and is one of Michigan’s fastest growing and most affluent cities. What is true is that next October it will see a gathering of some of the major players in the world of body engineering, from those at the frontiers of research to those who are using some of the remarkable new technologies now becoming available.

The conference and accompanying exposition are truly international and seek to be objective. The agenda is not dictated by any manufacturer or institution, or by any particular national or political views. The sole objective is to provide anyone with an interest in any aspect of the vehicle body in the broadest sense – from design and materials to manufacturing and assembly and to features and performance – with the latest information on technology and trends from the world’s leading experts.

The IABC website at gamcinc.com provides more detailed information about conference technical sessions, how to participate as an exhibitor, and so on. However, IABC 2024 will come and go regardless of our involvement and, all too soon, will simply be a thing of the past.

So, plan now to be part of IABC 2024 while your schedule still permits – you need at least one bright spot in your calendar. We can promise you that it will be time well spent, whether through formal information exchange or through informal networking. It may not be a vacation, but it will certainly help you to look with fresh eyes at the (automotive) body! I look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. M. Nasim Uddin