Powertrain International Lectures

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2017-25MY GHG/CAFE Rule Update Mass Reduction Implications

Advanced Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems for Vehicle Electrification – 2016

Advanced Research into Post-Li Ion Battery in Toyota Research Institute of North America – 2016

Battery Propulsion Technology Trends

Catalyst-Based Emission Control: What Does the Future Hold?

Cold Start Concept (CSC™) Catalysts for Future Emission Regulations

Defining Energy Storage System Requirements Based Upon Passenger Vehicle Fleet Needs

Emissions Challenges and Opportunities for Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition on a Light-Duty Multi-Cylinder Engine

Evaluation of SCRF Performance with Different Design Parameters Using Computational Model

Exhaust Temperature Improvement Using Cylinder Deactivation for a MD and HD Engines & Aftertreatment Temperature Challenge at Low Loads

High Energy Battery Material Research and Automotive Target Modeling

Rapidly Pulsed Reductants in Diesel NOX Reduction with Lean NOX Traps – 2016

SCR Based After Treatment Architectures for Low Tailpipe No2 Emissions

The Diesel Engine: Looking to the Future

The Future of Diesel: Evidence from a High-Volume Passenger Car Real-World Test Program in Europe


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