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2017 – 25MY GHG/CAFE Rule Update Mass Reduction Implications

Advanced Battery Design and Manufacturing Using Direct Electroplating

Cooled EGR for Gasoline Engine Co2 Reduction – Benefits and Challenges

Determination of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC) Emissions in Diesel Engine Exhaust

Development of Lightweight Hanger Rods for Vehicle Exhaust Applications – 2016

Development of the Cummins Single Module TM Aftertreatment System

Dioxin, Furan, PCB, and PAH Emissions from Modern and Legacy Compression Ignition Engines

Emissions Challenges and Opportunities for Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition on a Light-Duty Multi-Cylinder Engine

Exploring Interfaces and Interphases for the Post Li-Ion Battery World

Filtration of Ultrafine and Soot Particles from a Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicle

Future Advanced Diesel Emissions Concepts to Meet Worldwide Ultra-Low Emission Standards for Global Applications

Heavy Duty FTP Transient Test Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Rapid Exhaust Enthalpy Rise to Achieve Ultra Low NOX & Co2

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Investigating Diesel Particulate Filters – 2016

Material-Environment Interaction and its Implications in Durability and Reliability Performance of Vehicle Exhausts

Meeting Stricter Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Standards with the Opposed-Piston Engine

Model Based Development – A New Approach to Increase Efficiency During Powertrain Development

Narrow Diameter Fuel Line Permeation Test Development

Particle Mass Emissions of a PFI D-EGR ® Engine – 2016

Recent Development of Gasoline Aftertreatment Systems

SCR Outlet NH3/NOX Sensor Measurement Performance Using CFD

Strataclear™ Co2 Reducer Removal Efficiency and Fuel Economy Impact

Synergetic Effects of Inorganic Components in Solid Electrolyte Interphase on High Cycle Efficiency of Lithium Ion Batteries

Technology  Trends and Regulations Driving Reduction in Vehicular Emissions

The Diesel Engine: Looking to the Future

The New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van with Downsized 2.1L Diesel Engine: Best Fuel Economy Concept of NAFTA’s Large Van Segment with Lowest Emissions

Towards Enabling Practical Rechargeable MG Batteries Using New Strategies for Electrolytes Development


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