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Powertrain International (PTI) is a unique international magazine designed to provide information on developments and trends in powertrain engineering across the globe.

The vehicles of the future are being determined by profound changes in our thinking about the ways in which the automotive industry must respond to societal and ecological needs. PTI will keep you informed about the new technologies that are transforming every aspect of our vehicles, particularly the powertrain, the heart and focus of our vehicles and of our magazine.

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Volume 26 Number 4

Winter/Spring 2024


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  • SCR Outlet NH3/NOx Sensor Measurement Performance Using CFD
    • Manoj Sampath, PhD, Figen Lacin, PhD – Tenneco
  • Future Advanced Diesel Emission Concepts to Meet Worldwide Ultra-Low Emission Standards for Global Applications
    • Thomas Korfer, Matthias Kotter, Markus Schonen, PhD, Manoj Panda, Julien Berquez, Murat Yumak, Tamas Szailer, PhD – FEV
  • Development of the Cummins Single Module TM After Treatment System
    • Changsheng Su, PhD, Joe Brault, PhD, Achuth Munnannur, Krishna Kamasamudram PhD – Cummins
  • Heavy Duty FTP Transient Test Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Rapid Exhaust Enthalpy Rise to Achieve Ultra Low NOx & CO2
    • Samrat Patil, Ahmad Ghazi, Fabien Redon, Dan Schum, John Headly – Achates Power
    • Christopher Sharp, PhD – Southwest Research Institute


  • SCR Based After Treatment Architectures for Low Tailpipe N2O Emissions
    • Krishna Kamasamudram, PhD, Ashok Kumar, PhD, Yadan Tang, PhD, Aleksey Yezerets, PhD – Cummins
  • Evaluation of SCRF Performance with Different Design Parameters Using Computational Model
    • Liu Yang, PhD, Balaji Sukumar, PhD – Johnson Matthey
  • Exhaust Temperature Improvement Using Cylinder Deactivation for a MD and HD Engines & Aftertreatment Temperature Challenge at Low Loads
    • Jim McCarthy, PhD – Eaton

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