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Applications of Bioskills Laboratory Practices in Development of Complex Medical Devices

Bioabsorbable Stent Development : The Past, Present, and Future

Biocompatible and Matched Piezoresistive Polymeric Films for Implantable Telemetric Force Sensors for in Vivo Spinal

Biopolymers Containing Selenium: Their Synthesis and Use

Medical Component Manufacturing

Custom Cooling Stage to Eliminate Thermal Expansion of Spindle During Micro Laser Assisted Machining

Deep Cryogenic Treatment Increases Wear and Fatigue Life

Developing New Technology and Treatments in Under Resourced Countries

Efficient and Non-Disruptive Laser Beam Monitoring System for Industrial Laser Processing

Extreme Laser Processing Technologies

Femtosecond Laser Scribing of Thin Film Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

From Art to Science – Design & Production of Medal Plastic Components

Implantable Devices for Neural Interfacing Applications

Laser-Assisted Machining for the Rapid Fabrication of Structural Ceramics

Micro-Laser Assisted Material Removal of Ceramics and Semiconductors

Optimal Gear Design for Medical Applications

Residual Stress Distribution in MP35N and Comparison to Finite Element Analysis

Resorbable Lactide Based Polymers for Medical Devices

Sensor Fabrication Services: Lessons Learned

Silicon Micropore-Based Parallel Plate Membrane Oxygenator

The Enhanced Ductility and Reduced Brittleness from Micro-Laser Assisted Machining


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