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IMD Magazine (International Medical Devices Magazine) is a unique international magazine designed to provide information on developments and trends in medical devices design, engineering, manufacturing, materials & processes across the globe.

The medical devices of the future are being determined by profound changes in our thinking about the ways in which the medical devices industry must respond to the human, and societal needs. IMD Magazine will keep you informed about the new technologies that are transforming every aspect of medical devices.

Volume 14 Number 3

Spring/Summer 2022


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  • Applications of Bioskills Laboratory Practices in Development of Complex Medical Devices
    • Melissa Bruns, Mark Smith, PhD – American Preclinical Services
  • Silicon Micropore-Based Parallel Plate Membrane Oxygenator
    • Emily Abada, PhD, Ajay Dharia, Benjamin Feinberg, Torin Yeager, Willieford Moses, Charles Blaha, Jaehyun Park, Nathan Wright, Benjamin Padilla, Shuvo Roy, PhD – University of California, San Francisco
  • Developing New Technology and Treatments in Under Resourced Countries
    • Terry Treadwell, MD, FACS – Institute for Advanced Wound Care


  • Medical Needs Finding Toolkit
    • Melissa Bruns, Mark Smith, PhD – American Preclinical Services
  • Latest Research in Bioprinting
    • Lester Smith, PhD – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis/Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Sentinel Bandage Monitoring Skin with Impedance Spectroscopy
    • David Young, MD – University of California, San Francisco

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